Baby Vengers
How to mint NFTs
To assemble your Baby Vengers you need to mint NFTs available ONLY at our exclusive Marketplace​
How to buy
Step 1: Go to​
Step 2: Click on Connect Wallet in the top right hand corner
Step 3: Choose whether you would like to mint 1, 3 or 5 NFTs and confirm the transaction within Metamask
Step 4: Once the transaction has gone through the NFTs that you have obtained will be shown. These will also be viewable in the My Heroes section.
Chances of minting different tiers from packs:
Single Pack Basic β€” 60%, Gold β€” 24%, Blue β€” 10%, Purple β€” 5% & Legendary β€” 1%
3 pack Basic β€” 55%, Gold β€” 25%, Blue β€” 12.2%, Purple β€” 6.4% & Legendary. β€” 1.4%
5 pack Basic β€” 50%, Gold β€” 22.5%, Blue β€” 13.5%, Purple β€” 7% & Legendary β€” 2%
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