Baby Vengers

🕹️ The Battle for PolyNova - Game

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Mint your NFTs and use them to battle against Centron to earn MaticVerse.
Every episode has different villains and it is the responsibility of the Baby Vengers to defeat the villains and save Polynova!
The aim of the MaticVerse game is to create a self-sustaining environment that will be designed using the concept of the game vault. The game vault is where the rewards are sent from. The MaticVerse from the NFT purchases will be going into the game vault creating a self-sustaining environment. There will be 70 billion tokens in the game vault initially.
The game will be in two stages, fights against the normal villain leading on to fights against the supervillain which will be the end boss. Entry fee in BNB for Super Villain.
There will be six classes of villains to fight against. When you fight against the Centrons, you will be given three options of who to fight against. One Centron which will be stronger than you, one which will be weaker and one which will be of equal strength. The reward given will depend on the strength of the class you defeat.
The stronger the enemy, the greater the reward. However, players need to pay attention to the calculated win rate for each Centron. Choosing the opponents wisely will bring many victories and rewards to the players.
The game then rolls for battle results and records them on the blockchain. If the fight ends in the player's favour, the player receives MVerse Token and Experience (XP). If the outcome is a loss, the player will still receive a few XP but no reward token.
What is XP?
Experience points are what your Baby Venger NFT accrues over time and adds to their total damage stats that will come in effect when they fight the Super Centron. The more XP you have the greater damage you can inflict.
Cool Down Period
The rarity of each NFT will determine the cooldown period after each battle. For example, if you held a rarer card you would be able to play on a more frequent basis.
5 hours
4 hours
6 hours
5 hours
5 hours
Cooldown details for fighting the Super Centron will be released closer to the release of the Super Centron battle.